Migration Law

ESCOBAR & ASOCIATES SOLICITORS deals on a daily basis with visa applicants who are either abroad or within Australia, and who wish to either visit, study, work or obtain permanent residency in Sydney Australia.

ESCOBAR & ASOCIATES SOLICITORS decided to incorporate migration law to their eastern suburbs legal practice as a result of having received many distress calls from internal and overseas visa applicant’s to assist them in preparing and lodging their visa applications.

At first, many of those applicants believed applying for a migration visa was an easy and straight forward process, but they soon realised with the many recent changes in government Australia has been having, so too have its migration legislation, rules and regulations, making their application process more difficult and complex.

Other client’s have come to
 ESCOBAR & ASOCIATES SOLICITORS from other migration firms as a result of having received incorrect advice that has endangered their chances of having their prospective visa application from being successfully lodged. As like many migration firms, the reason these visa applicants have received incorrect advice is usually because they have chosen a migration firm who employs migration agents that hold no other academic qualifications, other than a graduate certificate, which can be attained by anyone after attending a one semester graduate certificate course in Migration Law.

To offer only sound and professional migration advice to their clients, our Eastern Suburbs Migration Law division only employs migration lawyers. The difference is that migration lawyers are well versed in dealing with matters that involve interpreting and making complex and detailed analysis on legal decisions, judgements, statues, regulations, gazettes and other statutory instruments that are constantly evolving. It is these skills that our Eastern Suburbs Migration Law division will apply in assisting you with your migration matter, and which gives
 ESCOBAR & ASOCIATES SOLICITORS the edge in providing migration advice over other migration firms.

For further peace of mind, you can also trust our Eastern Suburbs Migration Law division to keep anything you discuss with them confidential, as being migration lawyers, you are protected by the right of “legal professional privilege”, which means that communications between lawyer and client are confidential and cannot be revealed, except in a few limited circumstances.

Our Eastern Suburbs Migration Law division will assist you in understanding and applying for the most common visa applications, for example, the tourist or working visa, to the more complex applications that require the careful drafting and submission of convincing and detailed arguments, to either evidence and establish financial independence or satisfy the public interest criterion in the Carer or Remaining Relative Visa applications.

On the other hand, if you have already lodged an application and it has been refused by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC), and you would like to appeal their decision, our Eastern Suburbs Migration Law division will also assist you in lodging a review of their decision to the Migration Review Tribunal (MRT), the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) and if required, draft further submissions for Ministerial Intervention.

So please feel free to contact
 ESCOBAR & ASOCIATES SOLICITORS to receive migration advice or to make an appointment. Located in Randwick, our Eastern Suburbs Migration Law division is regulated by the Law Society of New South Wales and the Migration Agents Registration Authority. At ESCOBAR & ASOCIATES SOLICITORS we also speak fluent Spanish and English.